Did I Mention?

Did I mention that I love fancy little things

birds' eggs

Lucy (especially the chocolate episode)

and libraries (where I'm headed now) ?


Love of little things??? You must be a girl. Ha!
Funny, I just watched the Chocolate episode over the weekend. : )
Take care,
I love all of the fancy things, too! And I went to the library this morning! I've had your blog open on my computer for a few days! I love every post you've written lately! I'm going back to look at them all again! ♥
Miss Robyn said…
oh that chocolate episode!!!! so funny.
Gayle said…
Ohhhh, your fancies are pretty cool!!
Hilary said…
Oh the chocolate episode.. rivaled only by the wine making episode. I love those eggs. They look like quail's eggs... or perhaps sparrows, depending on the size. Any idea?

Oh and thanks for your visit to my blog via Ellen, today. Much appreciated. :)
rebecca said…
love all of the above!
Anonymous said…
love libraries. the smell, the atmosphere, the quietude ... and oh yeah, the books are good too :)
gma said…
Such joyful things. I love libraries too!!probber
gma said…
Oops probber was my word verification word. How did it end up in my comment?

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