Haiku My Heart: Ephemeral

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nothing lasts for long
in a transitory world
peonies blossom


joco said…
Lovely to see the single (?) peaonies from behind for a change.

I am catching up on my Haiku writing and checking out the different perspectives. Lovely format. Hope I did it right. Does it always have a Nature aspect?
Kim Mailhot said…
Oh...I can smell their pink perfection just looking at the photo. So beautiful. Love the words that celebrate its bloom.
Happy Friday, Meri !
Leslie said…
Good morning, Meri! GORGEOUS photo. I love peonies. But my childhood memories always associate peonies with ants!

I love your haiku, too. "Ephemeral." Beautiful word.

And "in a transitory world, peonies blossom."

So true. Here's to enjoying them while they last.
Pink are to Peonies as notes are to music. So lovely and fragile, their ephemerality is remembered in the heart. I love your photo. I just saw Rebecca's link up so mine is there now. Thank you.
Anonymous said…
Lovely picture. Lovely poetry too. Thanks for sharing.

Have a nice day, Boonie
paper-n-soul said…
Stunning... so delicate.

All of life is transitory... no matter how we might wish it otherwise. At least we can be assured that there will always be something new on the journey.

Thank you for this loveliness today.

Unknown said…
my favorite transitory flower...beautiful
Bee said…
Words and stunning picture pair up beautifully. Sadly, peonies DO fade so quickly.
Marilyn & Jeff said…
Your photo is perfect and so are your words, both so beautiful. Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind words.
Ileana said…
Beautifully written, and the image is just perfect! Lovely!!
Inspired by your words and photo:

unfurling petals
then dying

Haiku My Heart…Coyote
Dianne said…
Gorgeous photo and haiku!
Debbie D. said…
Thank you for the beautiful picture! A good reminder that there is beauty to the transition in our lives.
joco said…
Hiya again.

Just read your comment on the main haiku page.
I had no idea that my page was closed. Thanks so much for alerting me. I confuse myself with my different pages :-)

I was a little sad that nobody had stopped by. Anyways, the door is open.
rebecca said…
so heady...
so impossibly soft pink.
i am so lost in beauty, my words fall short like small stones.
Naquillity said…
these peonies are beautiful. your shot is perfect. lovely haiku. happy weekend.
Relyn Lawson said…
BEST ever. EVER!!!!!!!!!
Love the pic and the Haiku. Gorgeous!
EG CameraGirl said…
I like this haiku...it speaks to me. :)
Annie Jeffries said…
This lovely haiku is the embodiment of hope and continuity. How appropo for my day this was.
Delwyn said…
Just perfect, words and flowers..

Happy days

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