Monday Silence

Writing is a struggle against silence. 
       ~Carlos Fuentes

Today, I'm struggling against silence
yet I can't find words to write down.
The gray sky, the melancholy of Monday
has stolen the colorful words lined up,
waiting to come out to play.
I think I'll go search for them.


Sometimes when we surrender the struggle and the search, the muse - on the opposite side of the brain from those two ego-entities - appears.
Lovely poem with these words! Cathy
I believe that the photograph is a silent poem all its own. It requires no words. Thank you. It is a sanctuary of reflection.
Anonymous said…
Hope things soon perk up.

Have a nice day, Boonie
EG CameraGirl said…
Sometimes the right words elude us, that's for sure!
rebecca said…
i feel you....muse stirring just under your beautiful surface.
you inspire.

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