Pop on Over to Bonnie's Place

So much is happening in my life right now
that sometimes I'm left feeling a little bewildered.

I've been invited to write some articles
for a new website that will be debuting
in the next couple of weeks -- more on that
when the site is launched.

But today, I'm being featured as an interviewee at
Bonnie's Original Art Studio. She's introduced her readers
to some fascinating bloggers and if you haven't been following this series, you've missed:

George of Transit Notes, who Bonnie describes as a man of extraordinary talent,  gentle wisdom, a strong intellect and a generous spirit.  Every one of his posts is a tour-de-force, she says.  

Friko of Friko's Musings. Bonnie notes that Friko must be the voice who exposed the clothes-less Emperor.

Kent, the Expat from Hell. She says visiting his blog is a fun and unpredictable ride.

and last but not least,

Ruth of Synch-ro-ni -zing. Ruth is a poet and creator
of beautiful landscape and nature images.

I don't know how I landed in such interesting company,
but I'm honored.  

So honored, in fact, that I decided to wear
my halo today.

Pop on over to Bonnie's to read the interview,
but most of all
go visit the other interviewees.


Sahildeki Ev said…
Thanks to Bonnie's wonderful interviews, I am finding lovely blogs...Love your photos...
Meri said…
I'm so happy you visited.
:) Love the halo photo! Lots of interesting links that I will head on over to visit. Thanks!
Ruth said…
What a cool self portrait.

I sure enjoyed meeting you at Bonnie's today and have left you a comment there, which hasn't yet been posted. You have a beautiful home here, and I look forward to browsing now.
Your photos do convey a dizzying, bewildered state Meri! Thank you for the kind words and all the links to everyone featured so far, as well as to YOUR feature interview. Lots of interest so far!
Friko said…
A very interesting interview. I admire your self-confidence.
Anonymous said…
I’m popping over there now.

Have a nice day, Boonie
rebecca said…
love love love these self portraits!!!
now off to read the words.

you fill me immeasurably.

(my paperlicious invitation remains...
i hope you can come paper my world!)
Hey Meri,
Great interview and it showed some of your lovely work. It was really lovely to see you featured there, and certainly you deserve to be among those interviewed. I didn't know that you had been a judge as well as a lawyer. Very impressive. You came off very well.
Unknown said…
Great interview! I feel like I know you a bit better now. Thanks for the advice for young people about being true to ourselves. I feel that is where I am on my journey at the moment.
Sarah Laurence said…
I'm here from Bonnie's and enjoyed your interview very much (comment there). Your profile face looks familiar, perhaps from comments or other visits a while ago. In any event, nice to connect!
Relyn Lawson said…
Meri, Your halo cracks me up! I LOVE IT!! I know exactly how you landed in such interesting company. It's perfect for you, of course. Now, I'm off for a visit at your temporary home.

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