Cosmic Meaning

In light of yesterday's post
with questions about cosmic meaning,
I was amused when I found this quote
by Anaϊs Nin from Diary II:

There is not one big cosmic meaning for all,
there is only the meaning we each give
to our life, an individual meaning,
an individual plot, like an individual novel,
a book for each person.

"Textures, Susan's Pier and Susan's Lady with Parasol"   

So here's to coincidence,
creating meaning
and making meaningful images.


Love, love your art using S.T.'s textures and images! I have used that same bridge in a couple of pieces. The texturing is great.

Nin's quote pretty well sums it up doesn't it. Empowering, when you think of it, that the meaning of life's events is of our own making - and therefore, when necessary can be 'un-made'.
Alan Burnett said…
And here's to creativity. A beautiful piece of art.
sperlygirl said…
gorgeous photo, meri and i am loving this quote!!
I really think the pictures is beautiful...cosmic or not. Cathy
Unknown said…
It's a beautiful image and wonderful words too. Happy week ahead.
christina said…
this photo is amazingly beautiful! and the quote is lovely.
these textures are fab!

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