I'm thinking about choices

and how we have the power

to shape our experience by choosing wisely.

How we have to be present and brave

 and in tune

with our deepest wisdom to do that

and how sometimes choices lead us places

we never thought we'd go.

But here we are.


Funny, your post is on choices and without making the connection immediately, I thought I should choose which of your buddhas I preferred. As I scrolled through them, I found I did not want to choose - I liked them all. It's nice when there are situations when we have the option not to have to make a choice. But, as you say, sometimes there you are and one must be made. Decision-making is a very interesting topic.
steven said…
you make the choice.
then the choice makes you!
Meri said…
Steven: It is so. And sometimes, not making a choice makes a choice.
Anonymous said…
i love this meri, and the discussion that followed. :)
Lynne said…
love these pictures... it made me think of how often the choices we make nothing more than hues or shades of the same thing
it's funny about one choice can change (or make, that is) your destiny.
Anonymous said…
Ah, the beauty of learning to 'start where you are'... I love the gentle simplicity of the photos and the wise words.
Numinosity said…
These are just beautiful, Meri.
I'm wild about Buddha images as you may have noticed.
The verdigris is such a wonderful highlight.
xoxo Kim
Yes, the road not taken is often a choice. These are beautiful Meri. Wise words.

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