What do you think?

I need your help. 

The graphic designer came up with a cover
 for my poetry volume, but I didn't like it.

So I've chosen new cover art and tried my hand at layout.

# 1 

# 2

Which one do you like best?

I need your comments on the "Comments" 
background color preference
and whether you like the title
ascending (as in # 1)
or horizontal (as in # 2).

p.s. The white box is where the ISBN goes and of course
the watermark will disappear when the photo is purchased for use.

The photographer/artist is Elena Vizerskaya.


She Who Doodles said…
i like #2 best. just doesn't look right at an angle.
Meri said…
Thanks for your input, Cynthia.
Hi Meri - The picture is great as is your chosen title - I'm sure what's inside the book will be even more intriguing.

While the ascending title seems more creative, it looks less professional - to my eye.

And while in most design things I prefer monochromatic, for some reason I can't identify I prefer the grey background to the dark blue.

It's all so nice that whatever you choose will look great, I'm sure. There is no BIG mistake you can make here.

Congrats btw. You must be excited!
Unknown said…
I prefer #2 as well.....
Leovi said…
Personally I like the 1 in accompanying diagonal lines.
Gayle said…
I agree with the others, horizontal
gets my vote.
Love everything else....congrats!!!
Anonymous said…
how exciting! i wouold go with the second one, the horizontal one. the first, just doesnt look right.
Kim Mailhot said…
I too prefer the horizonal.
I love love love the art work. Just beautiful.
Congrats on this, Talented One !You Rock !!!
I also like the second one because all the other words are horizontal. And I like the darker, blue color. The photo is meaningful and nice but I have to say that, knowing your own work, I would have used something of yours. Apologies to Elena Vizerskaya but but I like a lot of your stuff -- particularly the abstracts -- better. Showing a woman in water fits the title, of course, but seems a little trite. Well - you asked.
smiles, Sharon said…
Hi, so exciting publishing a book of your poetry. Congratulations. What a feeling of accomplishment to put your words into permanent print!! I can read that many hold the same opinion...#2. You don't want to distract from your NAME and TITLE with a title that angles towards to pictures. YOU are what is important here, so make sure you shine and the world can't miss you!!!! The best to you in this large project. Warmly Sharon
smiles, Sharon said…
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