Birthday Tutu

For the life of me, I don't know why
I can't get Blogger to cooperate today.
It keeps turning my font blue, underlining,
 and changing fonts for no reason at all.

All of which makes it unreasonably hard
to tell my story.

Imagine me, outside yesterday morning,
the anniversary of my birth,
around 9 a.m.

I'm in the back yard, 
which borders on the very ritzy private golf course,
with men in little carts whizzing by, looking for their balls--
golf balls, that is - and me decked out in the
Birthday Tutu.

I'm setting up the camera on the tripod and then trying,
to no avail, to get the self-timer working.

In other words,
I was a photo failure on my birthday.

So here, courtesy of my youngest son Gavin,
is the promised image:

And thank you, Gavin, for not fainting
from being with a mother in a red tutu
and a sparkly tiara.
Now if you have a birthday in October or early November
and you'd like to humiliate your children by wearing
the birthday tutu made by Deb and first modeled by Beth,
please leave me a comment saying "Hell yes, I'll wear it!" 
and I'll pick the next winner.

The requirement?
Wear the birthday tutu on your special day, 
snap at least on photo and post it on your blog,
then hold a contest to pass along the tutu. 


Well I think that you look Fabulous Darling! Very Tutuesque! I shall try to be brave come December and see if I am up to the task! Just fantastic Meri! Happy Birthday again Dear!!
kate i said…
What grace and aplomb! You wear both the tiara and the red tutu...with great poise. Well done, Meri and Happy Birthday!
Gayle said…
A very happy birthday to

Way to rock the tutu!!
By the way Meri, Love the Tiara, very Princess Di. I was going to say that you might try using Windows LiveWriter. That is all I use anymore. I no longer blog straight from blogger. I put everything on livewriter and then I publish it on the blog. LiveWriter is free
What a spirited, wonderful idea! I'm afraid I don't have your courage and my answer would be "Hell, no!" My excuse is I refuse to prance around in my backyard on Jan. 29 in Quebec in a tutu!

You are SO gutsy! :)

Happy Birthday!!!
beth said…
i love it love it love it......and i love your son for helping you out on your "camera has it's own ideas" birthday!!

i will add a little note to my post tomorrow to get some of the late fall birthday girls to say "HELL YES"

rebecca said…
oh are tutulicious!!!

just the perfect topping to a too long (pain filled) day. i love you and wish i were a Fall baby so i could proclaim,
"HELL YES!! i would wear a red tutu on my day of birth" i will just have to keep my eye on the traveling tutu
near to june!

Leovi said…
Happy birthday. You look pretty in the picture.
foxysue said…
Pass that tutu round, my birthday is in July and I live in the UK! Still I could make my own!

Belated Birthday wishes for a 'fairy princess'!

Sue x
ellen abbott said…
You look marvelous. We should all wear tutus on our birthdays.
She Who Doodles said…
i love it, how fun. just past my birthday but maybe next year.
you are sooo pretty
red is perfect on you!

p.s. hell yes in february, pleaseeeeee!!!!
Anonymous said…
love that this tutu will go around many bloggers :) you and look very regal.
Unknown said…
You look fabulous darling!! What a great idea!!! I am laughing (with you of course) of the scenario...complete with the golfers.

You pulled it off!

happiest of happy!
deb did it said…
~~I LOVE YOU~~ in a TuTu, on a golf course, with your own son!! This is fantastic!! xoxoxo
Kim Mailhot said…
Hell Yes ! My birthday is October 9th - is that too soon ? I would love to wear the red tutu ! I was with Beth and Deb in FLA when they saw this awesome young girl wearing her tutu on her birthday and Beth took her pictures. The shot that inspired it all !
You lok marvelus ! SO glad your son got a shot for you !
Wishing you the happiest of birthday months, as I missed the day of !
Much Love, Magical Meri !
Priti Lisa said…
You are gorgeous! Happy birthday!
love it!!

alas my birthday is recently passed!

happy belated birthday meri!!!
Spadoman said…
I read about this outfit at Kims. She is beautiful wearing it for her upcoming birthday. You are beautiful wearing it for yours. I am sorry I missed it. I hope you had a fabulous day and the rest of the year is perfect for you and llm you hold dear. Happy belated Birthday wishes.


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