Gone But Not Forgotten

You're gone but not forgotten.

Eleanore Jean Stalcup Kremian

1926 - 2003


Hello Meri Dear,
It is always important to remember those so close to our hearts an an anniversary date. We feel the tug at our hearts and an emptiness on those occasions. I know that when the anniversary of my mom's passing comes round I always feel it. My heart is with you. Your mom looked very loving and sweet and I am sure that you miss her very much. She passed just 2 years before mine did. We are a little sisterhood aren't we, the newly orphaned daughters in the midst of our lives. I hope that you have a lovely day.
Anonymous said…
our nearest and dearest never really leave us.
rebecca said…
thinking of you and all of our mothered and mothering hearts.
just yesterday helen, an older friend of many years became a great great grandmother. in the course of waxing euphoric on this brand new baby, she suddenly stopped and said how much she missed her mother. how she never stops in any passing moment reaching for the phone and wishing she could call her mom.

i think i am going to call mine right now, even though i just spent the day with her yesterday, and marvel at the sound of her voice.

love you meri
Dear Meri,
I wanted to say that I realize now that this is your mother-in-law. I am still just as sorry for your loss, but I wanted you to know that I recognized that it was not your own mum.

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