Share the Joy Thursday: Old and New

What gave me JOY this week?
Going to a baby shower for a mom-to-be
that I've known since she was a little girl.

You met her last year for her April wedding

and the year before that on Valentine's Day
when we shopped for her bridal gown.

Then later in the same day, I got to find out
what happens to cheerleaders when they grow up.
Wasn't really looking forward to the class reunion,
but it was more fun than expected.

Photo by Rich Sittner

That's me on the right, Judie in the middle,
Patsy on the left -- and our cheer coach Joanne standing.
I know, she looks great and is 8 years older than we are.

What gives you JOY?

To play along and share the joy:

1. do a post that tells and shows us
 what gives you joy.

2. capture the URL of the specific post 
and paste it into the Mr. Linky box along with your name.

3. Then click the NEXT box
If the "next" box doesn't pop up, click the link
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(If you just can't get it to work, email me
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and I'll take care of it).

4. visit other players -- as many as possible -- 
and let their joy infect you.  

5. Leave them a comment about their post
because everyone enJOYs getting positive feedback.

Let's start an epidemic of joy!


Hello Meri,
I do remember this lovely couple and I cannot think of anything more joyful than you having been a part of these wonderful major events in their lives. How completely marvelous! I love the picture of the cheerleaders some years hence. I always wondered what happened to them?? I am at work and did not get a chance to link my post to your blog but will do when I am home. I did connect it but I will put your blog link on it when I am back. Doing a series and thought you might like it.
helen tilston said…
Great post and looking forward to seeing images of the baby
Love your re-union pictures
Dawn Elliott said…
I often run into former students who are all grown up, and sometimes married with children. It's so rewarding to see them make their way in the world!
Hello again,
I decided to link Indaba as well. I wanted to say how much I love the first photo of the baby things. So sweet! this is just a lovely post in terms of backward chronology.
Kim Mailhot said…
Cheerleaders look good all grown up !
Glad you had fun reuniting.
Happy Thursday !
Anonymous said…
I just love the wedding picture, JOYOUS lovely. The cheerleader girls, well ya'll look wonderful!!

happy Thursday Meri
rebecca said…
it has been a long full week away from home and computers. your sweet collection of joy is a fitting return. thank you meri for the light you reflect so generously in the hearts of so many.
Unknown said…
Oh joy for a new baby coming for sure. I am looking forward to a great grand one day. We have one grand married out of 11. Thanks for hosting and all your kind comments and good wishes.

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