Mind Travel

I'm feeling a little stymied right now,
waiting for something to happen.
I'd like to be able to take a trip while I wait,
but the timing isn't right.

So if you could travel anywhere right now,
by plane, train, or the powers of your mind,
where would it be (and why)?

I think I'd choose



flea markets
perfectly turned-out women and men who can't compete
lovers strolling along the Seine
the Eiffel Tower at night
people watching
hoping the "City of Love" will sprinkle its fairy dust on me.


Great choice...and it's such a beautiful city with wonderful food! How can you go wrong? Happy week!...Debbie
Meri - April in Paris? The stuff of dreams (and great photography!). I hope you make the dream come true!!!

Spring is too busy for me with a big garden to whip into shape, to get away. But, if I could, a luxurious suite on the top floor of a hotel hidden in the mountains overlooking the sea in St. Lucia would be great. Private deck - hammock - walks along the shore - snorkeling - reading - fine dining - no phone or computer - privacy ....
Meri said…
Alas, Debbie - none of my kitties can parle francais (and I can't get the cedilla where it's supposed to go). Yes, wonderful food, lots of places to explore. The Jeu de Palme would be on the list.
Nancy said…
My son recently took a trip to Palm Springs and hiked in Joshua Tree Park. The photos he took were amazing. More streams and water than I expected in such a dry area.I would love to see scenery so different from what I know on the east coast.

I would love to see the Amalfi coast of Italy! I have never had a desire to see Paris but I hope you get there. Guess I prefer the countryside over cities.
Pauline Wiles said…
Mauritius... we got married there and I sure would love to go back!
Paris would be a very acceptable alternative though :)
steven said…
meri i'd take a bicycle and travel to friesland. i'd shop for bread and cheese and wine at mid-day and sleep in little hotels by night. i'd stop and take photographs of things that others might not care about. i'd read books by the side of the road and talk to strangers. i'd breathe in big breaths of salty ocean air and always be outside at the sun ups and sun downs. steven
deb did it said…
I would fly a fast plane to Kuwait, buy my son a beer, laugh with him a while and hug him real hard. Then I would return home to write stories about his smile, the scent of his skin and how I will worry about his sunburn.~ may that Love Fairy find you real soon~
Ah! The jungles of Thailand or Burma! The Galapogos Islands! Machu Pichu! Mt. Fuji! But I guess I'd have to dust off my suitcase and pack some socks. Way too much work. I think I'll go back to bed.

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