A Glimpse of Egypt

How do I explain Egypt to you?

It's both the expected

and the unexpected.

I didn't expect, for example,
that traffic in Cairo would make Manhattan cabbies
look like models of civility.

I didn't anticipate
that every place I looked
I'd find a visual feast.

I didn't know
that I'd take a whole series of photos
of beautiful weathered doors
in Esna and Luxor.

I expected to find photo ops
in abundance
and I wasn't disappointed.

I didn't expect that when Egyptians asked
if we were English or Canadian
and found that we were Americans,
they'd burst into grins and flash a thumbs up
and say "Obama! Good man."

But they did.

What a trip!

I'll be showing you more glimpses of Egypt
in days to come.

I hope you won't get bored.


will said…
Good that you weren't there in the days (perpetual nights) of Bush.
Anonymous said…
beth said…
I can't even imagine the thousands of photos you have.....
A.Smith said…
Thank you for what you did that night at the Pyramids. Egypt is my emotional home and it has been for as long as I can remember. Every time I have to leave I feel that more of me is left behind than what I bring home here. I am sure you know what I mean.
Judie said…
A feast for our eyes and I am sure many more thought and pictures to come. Glad that you are back.
prashant said…
can't even imagine the thousands of photos you have..... Work From Home
kt said…
meri, keep posting, these are great,looking forward to more.
wow, wow, wow!!!

have you ever used flickr - it's fun to put together sets on it.... I can imagine great a score of sets based on all the wonderful things you encountered.....

I have a special weakness for doors.

I love ALL these photos always nice to do a little armchair travel when one can't get around!!


glad you got home safe and full of adventure!!
julochka said…
you must have had a marvelous adventure. looking forward to hearing more. egypt is indeed amazing and that cairo traffic...i can hear the honking from here if i'm very quiet.
Jennifer said…
I'm catching up since you've been back from Egypt. I could read and see about it as much as you want to share - I won't get bored.
i can tell you are having fun
the pictures are eye candy for us

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