A Favor to Ask

Remember my friend Sarah?

Sarah was one of the intrepid "girlfriends"
in the girlfriends trip to Mexico in September.

Sarah is an amazing woman --
a single mom who, at 40 or so, took on the custody
of a neglected infant who was failing to thrive
in the care of his drug-afflicted mom.
He's made amazing progress and is now
a robust, verbally adept, intelligent preschooler.
Sarah's been granted permanent custody
of this little boy who thinks of her as his Mom.

Sarah is also a physical therapist of great skill
who has developed a sub-speciality in working
with post-mastectomy clients who developed lymphodema.

And given that physical therapy requires a lot of
exertion and being on your feet,
(not to mention the stamina required of
a 40-something mom of a preschooler)
Sarah's body has to be in good working order.

Except that a couple of months ago
she injured her back
and figured she'd grit her teeth and get through it.

It didn't work that way.

Sarah's having surgery on her lower back on Wednesday.

So I'm asking that all of you
keep Sarah in your thoughts
and send healing energy her way.

Blessings for a speedy recovery, my friend.


poefusion said…
i'm sorry to hear sarah is going to have surgery on her back. i hope it goes well and she heals nicely. i'll keep her in my thoughts.
~JarieLyn~ said…
Done deal! Good vibes have been sent out.
beth said…
no question about it....good mojo, thoughts and prayers are being sent her way !!
Unknown said…
Done. What an amazing woman she is!
kt said…
healing energy sent!
ELK said…
as I sing at preschool chapel that morning I will see all the sweet faces and remember her ...healing and hope!
deb did it said…
consider it done. she is strong and beautiful. healing lights are lit here in Texas for Sarah.
Relyn Lawson said…
I have been. How is she?

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