Note to Myself 2018: No. 5

Despite what you may have been programmed to believe,
there's no one out there that can make you happy.

You're not going to finally land
 in a big, fluffy blanket of happiness
because The Love Fairy flicks her wand 
and a handsome prince or princess
shows up in your life.

(And, on the other end of the spectrum,
you won't have permanent unhappiness
because someone exits your life,
though I admit that happiness may seem
unlikely for a while after a breakup,
a divorce, or a death).

You see,
happiness is an inside job.

You build it by learning to celebrate
all the goodness in your life.

By recognizing each and every moment
of contentment 
and learning to sustain that feeling.

By learning that if you resist what is,
you'll be fighting a losing battle.

By coming to terms with the fact
that everything changes. . . 
not only the bad stuff,
but the good stuff too.
Nothing stays the same forever.
Like fashion, 
like seasons,
life is full of cycles.

By noticing when you're so involved
with what you're doing
(usually something creative)
that you lose all track of time. . .
and then doing that kind of activity
more often.

By paying attention to moments
when you feel like all's right in the world
and being grateful for them. . .
and for the people you love
and for all the blessings you have in your life
and all the goodness that's coming your way
and for the beauty of the life lessons you're learning
that might be tough but if well-learned
needn't be repeated.

You build a sense of happiness
and abundance
moment by moment,
choice by choice.

Happiness is up to you.


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