Note to Myself 2018: No. 2

This Note to Myself is only
partly tongue in cheek.

We know from experience 
that too much of a good thing
sometimes can be disgusting. . .
think back to amateur drinking behavior
in college and the hangovers
(or toilet-hugging)
that ensued
and you'll know what I mean.

But with those other kinds of good things,
things without unfortunate after-effects,
we often fail to luxuriate 
and really suck each drop of joy from them.

Sometimes we don't even acknowledge
and celebrate the wonderful things
in our lives.

There's a saying that goes,
"Where attention goes, energy flows."

What we focus on is a signal to the Universe
that we are asking for more of those experiences.

Too often we turn our focus on the problems
and unfortunate experiences in our lives,
rather than on things that bring us joy
or cause tears of gratitude to well up
in our eyes.

Let's make it a practice
to feel joy from our fly-away hair
to the tips of our tingly toes.

Let's look for the silver lining
whenever a dark cloud passes through our lives.

Let's make a daily practice of gratitude,
even if it's just a mental list before we fall asleep
(though it's more powerful if written down
and amplified if written down, then spoken to someone else).

Let's learn to take those first stirrings of worry
or complaint and turn them into focusing on what we want
to happen or what we can choose to manifest by first
imagining, then planning, then taking concrete action.


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