Note to Myself 2018: No. 3

Too many people flounder,
wondering for years what
their life's work will be
and what kind of life they'll build.

Hint: notice what you love
and figure out how to turn
what you love into a calling
and work into play.

As for what kind of life
you're destined for. . . 

well, it seems to me 
that we build the life we're destined for
by our everyday choices.

Want a brilliant, satisfying life?

Practice kindness.

Be grateful for all your blessings.

Cultivate and express your talents.

Learn to delay gratification
to reach a long-term goal.

Recognize that life is precious and fleeting.

Love with gusto.

Laugh until tears run
(or until you snort).

If you lack a supportive family,
build one from your dearest friends.

Be present.

Learn to accept what is
(and to change what you can).

Teach others to treat you well.

Honor your word.

Go for walks.

Spend time in nature
(even if that only means going for walks).

Every once in a while, eat dessert
(and if weight is a problem, split it with 
a friend or two).

Find a way to be creative
(or lots of ways)
and do it often.

Lend a helping hand to others.

Laugh at yourself.


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