Note to Myself # 15

There's a saying that
if you don't know where you're going,
any road will get you there.

The current norm in American society
is based on plans and goals
and incremental steps toward those goals
(which mostly deal with career advancement
and the accumulation of material things).

God forbid you should just drift along, 
waiting to see where the current takes you.

Working toward goals is fine,
but you can't control serendipity 
or ignore those unplanned opportunities.
Well, you can. . . 
but it's probably a mistake.

Sometimes the best scenery
is on a blue highway.

And, looking back, it seems to me
that everything I did
led me to the logical next step 
without a whole lot of planning agony.
It all kind of hung together
as if there was some grand master plan
for me to discover.

Maybe it's true
that if we follow our path,
the next step will appear. 


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