Share the Joy

For those of you who celebrate a U.S. style
have a joyful day filled with 
friends, family and food.

I had another day filled with the 3 F's
earlier this week. . . .

Oliver's first birthday party.

Oliver's mom's cousin Margaret
baked him a "1" cake 
just so he could do a face plant,
but he surprised everyone by going after 
a finger full of frosting at a time
(though, as you can see,
he managed to grow a blue frosting
beard and moustache).

I found him this spectacular bouncy toy.
His legs are barely long enough to touch the ground,
but he'll soon be able to master the art of the bounce.
(And yes, there's a gate at the top of the stairs.)

Big brother Logan had plenty of fun
decorating a gingerbread man
and didn't have the least hesitation
about ornamenting outside the lines.

And he seemed to enJOY
munching the gingerbread boy's legs.

What sparked the fire of joy in you this week?

Notice joy.
Cultivate it.
Celebrate it.
Share it.


1. do a post that tells and shows what gives you joy.

2. capture the URL of the specific post and paste it into 
the Mr. Linky box along with your info.

3. Visit other players and let their joy infect you.
Leave them a comment because everyone
 enJOYS getting positive feedback.

Let's keep the epidemic of JOY going!


Priti Lisa said…
I ♥Love you and everything you share..I am sorrier than ever for being so slack on visiting, but I am sharing in the joy you have...children are sooo sweet.
In all ways.
4 Lettre Words said…
Sooo much Joy there!

Happy Thanksgiving, Meri!
Hazel said…
Awww.......beautiful kids! Happy Thanksgiving, Meri.
Love the pics!!!! Especially the ones of the "gingerbread artist." Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!!!
Unknown said…
What a sweetie I can see why you have such JOY. Happy Thanksgiving. and thanks as always for hosting.
Party of 5 said…
How cute- I love capturing kids. Happy Thanksgiving!
Karen said…
Children always bring pure joy! Sweet boys!
Kim Mailhot said…
Sweet grandchildren joys !!!!
Happy Thanksgiving, Meri to you and yours !
Leovi said…
That handsome! I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving Day!
Anonymous said…
Happy Thanksgiving! The first birthday is always fun for the parents:)
Alexa T said…
Lovely much joy indeed! Happy Hollidays
Alexa T said…
Lovely much joy indeed! Happy Hollidays
Jannibele said…
So nice to find your lovely Thursday meme. Thanks for hosting. I`ll join in. Lovely kids. No doubt you've had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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