Haiku My Heart Moon

oh, jewel of the night
you warm the summer with
golden goddess glow


Priti Lisa said…
witchy-woman feel
to your art of words
and visual
so unexpected
and so good.
Dawn Elliott said…
Ah...thoughts of summer...such a delight as we begin to feel the reality of spring. I was in Phoenix and Tucson last weekend, where the temps were in the 8o's and all I can say is hallelujah!
anthonynorth said…
Enjoyed the mystic feel to this.
Hazel said…
Wow! That was really hauntingly beautiful and I love it very much!
rebecca said…
you transported me with the sensual power of your moon dipped words.
thank you meri for the beauty that seems to flow so effortlessly from your heart, hand and eyes.

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