What Can I Do?

We have been reminded too viscerally
of the existence of evil,
of the corrosive effects of anger and hatred.

There are unfortunate pockets of darkness
where compassion, joy, and goodwill
cannot seem to reach.

All we can do is shine our light,
radiate love like a beacon
in that darkness.
Be the change needed in the world.
Say the Metta.
Be the Metta.

To do otherwise
seems unthinkable.

Do it for the children.
The ones lost to senseless violence everywhere.
The victims of ethnic, political, and religious conflict.
The sex trade slaves.
The ones without hope.

Let your light shine ceaselessly.



Annie Jeffries said…
It seems we are all very focused on Connecticut and I suspect we all will be for a while. Today was the first of many funerals. Grieving and sending love with you.
Delphyne said…
Beautiful, Meri.

Thank for mentioning The Day of Metta - I did not know about it. I recently posted Jennifer Berezan's May All Beings Be Happy and will add The Metta to that link.
Nonnie said…
Making our own small plot peaceful in this world is something for which we should strive.

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