Divorce Magic

I've been writing a bunch recently,
and for some reason I started thinking 
about my former husband's sister Randi
and her fridge magnet.

It said
Even if the marriage wasn't magic,
the divorce can be.

It sported the logo of Marie Laveau's
House of Voodoo,
in the French Quarter of New Orleans,
at least I think it did. 
I remember it was from a place right near 
the Cathedral and
Marie Laveau's fits the bill.

Since my sister-in-law 
never had anything nice to say about her ex,
in fact didn't say anything about him at all,
I wondered how much help the magnet was
in making her divorce magic.

I don't know if she tried any other
self-help remedies.

Now, lest you think of sticking
some mean thought pins
into an effigy of your former beloved,
I've checked and all their voodoo dolls
are meant for good purposes.

Apparently, you'll have to go elsewhere
if you're inclined toward
the dark side of magic.

Just remember,
what you put out in the Universe
comes back to you.

not curses.

It all works out in the end.
(And if it hasn't worked out,
it's not the end.) 


Annie Jeffries said…
Good almost evening, Meri. Good in? Good out. What goes around, comes around. That she said nothing at all speaks volumes.
Relyn Lawson said…
It all works out in the end.
(And if it hasn't worked out,
it's not the end.)

I love that line! Love it. I must quote you.
Zena said…
What a great post. We have to learn to look on the bright side of things instead of focusing on the negative because as you said, universe gives us back what we send to it
Great post. And very true, I think.

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