A Little Color in an Otherwise Gray Day

A few tenacious raindrops are clinging 
to the scrawny fingers of the vine maple.

After winds knocked Douglas fir cones
loose from my neighbor's tree
(why do they only fall in my yard?)
now the smoke from my other neighbor's chimney 
is rising almost straight up.

It's a fine day, I think,
for a splash of color.

Color Quilt - created on Polyvore.com/MeriMagic

Not my usual submission,
and not a series of images,
but I'm thinking this might be today's

because to me
paradise is alight with color.


Oh, I so agree with you: Paradise is alight with color--and your colorful submission (on this mostly grey West Coast day) is superb!

Bowl of Light
Barbara said…
This is a wonderful day brightener! We have sun here but it is so low in the sky and a burst of color is so welcome! Have a peaceful happy holiday!
Annie Jeffries said…
Good evening, Meri. Yes indeed, on gloomy, gray days color is the solution. Color on -- AND -- Merry Christmas.
rebecca said…
dear meri,
you are a welcome light on any day, rain of shine. thank you for your place in my forever heart, the warmth and beauty you offer so generously is a gift to all who know you. here's to a bright new year made all the more golden with your cherished friendship.
J C said…
Beautiful color for a grey day. (Here too). Happy Holidays.
Anonymous said…
Oh yes, Meri! I am a colour person, too. This is glorious art! Happy Christmas to you and yours.xx

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