True Words Tuesday

-    Be content with what you have; 
rejoice in the way things are. 

When you realize 
there is nothing lacking, 
the whole world belongs  to you.

- Lao Tsu


Kim Mailhot said…
Perfect message for me today. Coming back to this very moment sure does make it feel like I have everything I need...and more !
Cheers, Brilliant One !
Unknown said…
After getting drenched today while trying to get gas I am grateful for a little roof over the gas station. Not much but must be grateful. Love your philosophy dear friend.
Dawn Elliott said…
Rejoicing is the best way to go, for sure!
Annie Jeffries said…
I saw this and I started singing "Time Has Come Today" (Chamber Brothers 1967). Then George Harrison took up residence with "Got My Mind Set On You". I love the dancing grandfather clock. Thanks, Meri, for the happy moment.

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