With Thanksgiving coming up in a big, fat hurry
and Black Friday with its crazy “get up early” sales
following right on its heels,
I humbly offer a gentler way to choose
a gift that might speak to the heart.

My photography sales site,

is now open for business.

You can choose the size, the finish, and whether
you’d prefer paper or canvas. Some size choices
may require cropping at checkout, but you even get
to make your own cropping choices.

Each image is sent to BayPhoto, a highly regarded
Professional photo lab, for printing. Then it’s packaged
and shipped directly to you.

I’d be honored if you’d take a look.
If something touches you, all the better!


deb did it said…
stunning sight...your photos are so beautiful..what a great place to go shopping!!
She Who Doodles said…
awesome, beautiful photos.
Leovi said…
I wish you a beautiful place many sales.
Dawn Elliott said…
As someone wo has spent this year starting a website, blogging, and getting my work "out there," I applaude you for getting this site ready for all to see! The images are awesome - no surprise there -and the site is beautifully done!
Unknown said…
Wow girl this is amazing. Trying to do paintings for all my six kiddos. Moving on pretty good. Good luck on your business.
Wow!! Look what you have done while I've been painting and repairing plumbing and unable to follow blogspot! What a perfect site! I am saving it to my favorites and might even order something someday.

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