Sunshine Girl

It always amazes me how impacted I am by the weather.

Give me a string of grey rainy days and I just want
To curl up in bed with a stack of books

until the sun breaks through the clouds again.
(I've read the Stieg Larsson trilogy and Finding Nouf,
but the others await.)

This morning, I woke to find frost on the grass
and brilliant blue skies.

A lot of leaves are still holding on despite a windy night
a couple of days ago, so there’s a glut of color.

I’m bursting with energy, but it won’t last.
The weather forecasters even mentioned
the dreaded S word last night.

So Snow, if you're listening,
flurry away in the Cascades and Olympics.

but if you have to visit us in the lowlands,
could you please be polite and fall only on the grass.



eb said…
golden here
so warm
still in my flip flops
some tiny encaustic journals
my found wings...

your book stack1
all your travel joy below...

xox - eb.
Kim Mailhot said…
I am very similar ! Today has been a very warm (64!), windy, half grey, half sunshiny day here in NH. And like the weather, I am a little bit all over the place ! ;-)
May the snow mind its manners !
HUgs !
I love a stack of books ready for that rainy...or 'S' day! Beautiful photo of the leaves, too! ♥
Unknown said…
Love to read on a rainy day!

She Who Doodles said…
the rainy days make me want to make soup and retreat to my sewing room. it seems the leaves are really holding on late this year.
helen tilston said…
Hello Meri

It is too early for snow. Please wait till Christmas Eve.

I always say I will have a day in bed with a stack of books but it just does not seem to happen. I remember all the chores that need doing and before I know it, it is time to prepare supper.
Helen xx
beth said…
i'm a curl up with a book kind of girl, too.....ESPECIALLY on grey days.

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