Day of the Dead (Part 1)

Dia de los Muertos
brings back such enticing memories. . .

The stalls in the markets

filled with little muertos figures

each with their own personality.

Marigolds -- by the armfuls and bucketsful. . . 

Colorful flags

Candlelit altars

the sounds of guitars

spooky senoritas

and lots of scary boys and ghouls. 

To share in Dia de Bloglandia,
Visit Rebecca and Stephanie.


Stephanie said…
Can you BElieve we were in San Miguel together last year...I love the photos, they bring back such wonderful memories!!!

thank you for sharing this with dia de bloglandia!!
GlorV1 said…
How wonderful that you were there sharing the offerings. Beautiful photos. Love your photos, thanks for sharing.
ellen abbott said…
As a kid I loved Halloween and as a mother with children, I loved it. Now that my children are grown, I don't really acknowledge Halloween. We never really got that many trick or treaters in our part of the neighborhood and now that I've moved out here to the country we get none. Now I really love Dia de los Muertos, the whole idea of it and I've always loved Mexico and it's culture.
Gayle said…
Judging by your photos...I'd say you had a wonderful time!! I love the marigold and cockscomb cross.
audrey said…
Hello Meri.
These are outstanding photographs and I thank you for sharing them. I love the marigolds and the skeleton.
This Day of the Dead celebration has been a joyful one for me mostly because of the bonding with those who have participated. Grieving for lost loved ones has always been such a lonesome empty thing ~ I now feel happiness knowing so many others have felt that immense grief and now joyfully honor and celebrate the lives of those gone before us.
♥ audrey
Wonderful pictures. I can hear the music playing.
Delightful. Such wonderful photos and memories. What a journey we have all been on and it has been very special to experience Dia de los Muertos with those of you who have actually celebrated it in Mexico.
wonderful...looking forward the subsequent parts and enjoyed the halloween prelude!
gma said…
WHAT JOY! Feliz dia de los muertos to you dearest Meri.
Love the day of the dead celebration! A wonderful tradition. Your pics are great. Laura- Cottage and Broome
You'll never forget these sights and sounds, will you?!

The Veil Is Thin
Dawn Elliott said…
I didn't want to miss your post, as I knew it would be filled with enticing photographs from Mexico!
Thanks for the memories!
rebecca said…
you have a way of transporting me beyond my wildest dreams!
thank you for believing and following me all the way to san miguel and dia de los muertos!

foxysue said…
Your world is always so colourful, not being witness to this event I get the essence from your images!

Sue x
Queenie Believe said…
Wonderful images of this lovely holiday.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie
Great photos and wonderful musings on what was surely a most memorable journey.
: ) lulu
Julie Prichard said…
You've captured great happy to have found your link!
I really love stopping by yearly to see the line up of blog posts; all the festivities for Dia de los Muertos. I love the whole idea of it and I've always loved Mexico and it's culture.

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