Anyone Interested?

I’ve offered to be the hostess for
a unique Facilitator Training Workshop led
by Evolutionary Creativity expert and
author Jan Phillips. It will start on Thursday evening,
January 26, run all day on Friday, and end at noon
on Saturday January 28. If you’re not from
the Puget Sound area, that would give you the balance of
Saturday and all of Sunday to explore
the Seattle-Tacoma area.

Jan Phillips @ IWWG Conference, Brown University  © 2010 Meri Arnett-Kremian

What you can look forward to is a joyful experience
that will deepen your awareness, expand your imagination,
and help you clarify what you’re an expert in and
how to make a better living doing that.  

It’s a workout on every level---
fast-paced, intense, heart-warming, brain-stretching.

Jan assumes that you’re ready to take your whole life
to a higher level, to acknowledge that you are an expert,
to mine and market this expertise, and to create
a professional life that fully matches and honors
the mission of your soul.

Is that true?

Cost is $495 per person for the workshop 
(no lodging or food included except for lunch on Friday.)
There is only room for six. Two attendees are confirmed; two are
still investigating possibilities. So there are two to four places left,
one of which could be waiting for you.

If it is, please let me know that you want to attend
and I'll send you the flier and let you know
the next steps.

p.s. I've done a photography workshop with Jan
and writing workshops of 90 minutes each
on 4 consecutive days at the IWWG conference.
She was inspirational!


~JarieLyn~ said…
Sounds like a wonderful opportunity. Wish I could join in, but I'll have to pass this time.
Elisabeth said…
Too far from Australia, Meri, but it sounds inspirational.

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