Haiku My Heart: Come Fly

I hear her calling
come play with me, dance with wings
high above the earth    


Spadoman said…
The painting of the ceiling looks like the church I went to as a kid in the chicago suburbs. Hard to find these old churches anymore. Love the haiku, yes, she is calling and waving us along to join her.

Have you responded to the call? :-)

Haiku Your Heart Here
Dawn Elliott said…
Wow...I want to fly away with her!
Beautiful photo and thought provoking text!
rebecca said…
i was standing right beside you when you took this photo...and even now i cannot help but chuckle at that crazed look in her eyes. am i the only one that sees this?
anthonynorth said…
Great words for the picture.
Rosie said…
I agree - she is calling out... What a great haiku!
helen tilston said…
A beautiful prayer to the Blessed Virgin Mary. I pray with you
Nanka said…
Beautiful words to accompany the wonderful picture!!
kt40s said…
love the photo and haiku.

I sent suz an email to ask her if she was cool with the interview going to FinallyMe as soon as she responds I will let you know...I am sure it is going to be a yes:)
xo Katy
kt40s said…
Suz said YES, this is so great! i have really been enjoying your finallyMe space.
Reena said…
great capture and words to go along!
kt40s said…
Meri, This is great news! my email is katyvkeuter@gmail.com. I look forward to wednesday.

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