i will not allow myself to be less than I am 
to meet anybody's expectations. 

~terri st. cloud


Kim Mailhot said…
I wrote this one down too. Shine, Baby, shine !!
Expat From Hell said…
And you indeed have not. By being so frank and honest, without apparently trying, you exceed all of our expectations. Bravo. EFH
Sometimes difficult but wise advise!!! Thank you!! Cathy
rebecca said…
bravo brave soul, bravo!!!!!
Anonymous said…
i am going to write that down where i can always see it.
Relyn Lawson said…
This is a MARVELOUS quote. So often I feel that certain people want me to be less so they can be more comfortable. PHOO on that!
Nancy said…
I agree 100%, Meri. :)

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