Today, my dear friend Adrienne and I are rolling out
our new website

As you can see, our target audience is women of substance,
intelligence, wisdom and experience
 who are continually growing and responding with grace
 (at least most of the time)
 to life's challenges and rewards. . . .

in other words YOU.

We're posting articles on relationships
 (marriages, live-ins, friendships, family)

(empty nest, menopause, deaths, divorce, 
caring for parents, having kids come back home, 
mid-life dating, and so on); 

and mind-body-spirit stuff.

We're concentrating on women's passions -- 
like travel, books, films, photography. . .  you name it. 

We're featuring discussions in a column
 called "Speaking Freely" and the first one
 is a humorous article by blogger extraordinaire
 Beth McWilliams of "Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Taken."

Who knows. . . we might even tell the truth
about perimenopause and menopause 
and getting older.

And we're profiling Extraordinary Women. 
I've profiled Mary Surratt for starters, 
but have contacted some EW's that I know
 and asked for their permission 
to introduce them via FinallyMe. 

If you know someone who you think
 is intriguing or who has a fascinating story, 
please steer them in my direction
 or send me an email address
 so I can follow up with them.

I may be asking some of you for permission
 to repost some of your most delightful blog posts. 
And I'll be starting a FinallyMe Flickr group
 so we can share our favorite photos. 

If you choose to share in that group, 
please indicate in the photo's info box
 if you're willing to let us 
borrow your photos to illustrate articles. 
We're doing this out of passion, 
so we can't pay anyone 
but we'll make sure there's a credit
embedded  with the photos in the article body.

If you have something you'd love to contribute -- 
maybe Fascinating Women profiles, 
articles about your passions,
 book reviews or what have you, 

please email me at

Frequent visits and intelligent comments welcome --
you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Update: we launched 6 hours ago 
and we're up to 142 visits.
Woo hoo!


Snap said…
Well done, Meri!!! YeeHaw!!!!!
Kim Mailhot said…
How wonderful, you amazing woman !!! And I can't wait to read what Beth wrote. She is so good, and funny too !

Thanks for the new place to gather ! Here's to a long success for Finally Me !
Anonymous said…
i am yet to visit the new space you have created, but just wanted to say ... yay!!!... very excited at this new venture. off now to explore!
Stephanie said…
wonderful Meri! I am headed over later today to explore it in full.
Sounds like a wonderful and worthy project Meri. Much success!
ellen abbott said…
yes, well done. i'll have to spend some time there.
She Who Doodles said…
congratulations, looks good.
How fantastic, Meri. What an exciting new adventure for you!!! Wow!!

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