The Boundary Between

There are places where the boundary
between seen and unseen is thin.

They're most often places where ancient peoples
gathered to celebrate religious rites

with purity of intention so powerful
that the ancient sites seem to have brought

the imprint of holiness into the stones and soil, 
the walls and ceilings of temples standing in place
for millennia.

In these places I’m acutely conscious
of carrying the DNA imprint of my ancestors,

of bringing them with me on my journey.

Whispering to them, were you here?
Are you with me now?

Is it your presence I feel in this holy place?

© 2007 Gavin Kremian

Is it your hard-won wisdom that burbles up
and lodges in my being?  

And I am filled with wonder.


Expat From Hell said…
I thing we're on the same wavelength. Funny, though, you write of a spiritual boundary with far more eloquence. After writing of psycho-sexual boundaries and other things, I am lifted and encouraged by your deeper and more eloquent approach here. EFH
Cheryl said…
Your photos show a very different path than others on Dia de Bloglandia today. I love seeing your vision of this path in an alternate culture. This is the path of my culture. I wonder whose presence I feel when I am in hushed, spiritual places.
rebecca said…
thnk you meri for a diverse path between the curtains of the seen and unseen worlds.
i am so taken with every single offering shared this month in the art of remembering. each word and step ring out our commonality in the house of belonging!
Anonymous said…
Very beautiful. Thank you for sharing !!!
lyle baxter said…
lovely thoughts and great photos! thanks for sharing both!
Is that not the truth of which you speak? It is...I share the same thoughts with you.
GlorV1 said…
Loved this journey. I thank you for sharing these beautiful photos.
Anonymous said…
Love your shots... especially the cemetery with the sun glowing off a headstone...
And I am filled with wonder because of your post reminding me of all the ancient places I have visited in my own lifetime. Thanks for the reminders of holiness.
Stephanie said…
There are many cultures that we feel strong bonds with, you describe your touchstone so beautifully.


fabulous that your photo has been displayed!!

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