The Creative Act

The creative act lasts but a brief moment,
a lightning instant of give-and-take,

just long enough for you
to level the camera and

to trap the fleeting prey
in your little box. 

~Henri Cartier Bresson


beth said…
who is that man taking your photo ?
Beautiful pictures! Lovely poem! Well done! Cathy
ellen abbott said…
that second photo is beautiful.
Anonymous said…
bresson is one of my favorites. thx for sharing, meri.
foxysue said…
Blooming lovely, well captured with your little box trap!

Sue x
rebecca said…
thank you meri...
just the vision my heart was longing for.
Those flower macros are breathtaking, Meri! And were those Buddhist monks sightseeing? xxox
Eryl said…
Wonderful blooms. Levelling the camera takes me an age, but then my photos aren't what one would call creative, yet.
Sandy K. said…
I love these shots - and am aching for spring and adventure. My creative juices are running, but no place to go!

Thank you for participating in my "transportation" competition prep - your package will be in the mail next week! Enjoy!
deb did it said…
this is fantastic....I love that tiny instant precious little moment
Relyn Lawson said…
Oh that ranunculus!!!

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