Haiku My Heart - Bamboo Rain/Buson

Megata Print "Take Bamboo" Library of Congress pre-1915 Japanese print collection

A lightning flash --

the sound of water drops

falling through bamboo.

Buson (1716 - 1783)

For biographical information on Buson
click HERE.


Kim Mailhot said…
Thanks for this, Teach ! Beautiful.
Hope Friday is sweet for you.
Spadoman said…
More Buson. I love it. Another beautiful painting and more beautiful words. Thank you for this gift of beauty and warm thought.

GlorV1 said…
Beautiful paints and words. Thank you.
Grammy said…
I agree, Beautiful!
rebecca said…
i do love the inspiration from tradition. this is remarkable beautiful and humbling.
thanks meri
Shanae Branham said…
What a beautifully simple image. I enjoyed it.
gma said…
Water falling through bamboo should be a JOYFUL sound. I do love the tone of bamboo chimes in wind.
I've been invited to a luncheon next month. The hostess asked each of us to bring a poem. So I thought a haiku would be the perfect offering - short, simple, yet perfect. I've been on line searching for the best haiku. I was so surprised to read your post and the wonderful bamboo haiku. Maybe I'll choose that one. Thanks.
Ladies of the grove
GYamato said…
Harusame*, cool
Lightening flashes, thunder rolls
Peaceful deep within
*harusame: clear thin noodles evocative of spring rain - haru=spring, ame=rain

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