The Weight of Regret

he sat in the what if chair
his ass affixed with glue so strong
he realized he might just die there.

what if I hadn't laughed when I farted out loud?
he wondered.

what if I'd planted daffodils instead of corn?
he mused.

what if I'd listened oh so closely to what you didn't say?
he queried to the heat shimmering
like an aura before him.

what if I hadn't believed your lies
when you told me nothing was wrong?
he muttered to himself

but more importantly
what if I'd asked you how you wanted
to be loved before it was too late?


Anonymous said…
I love this...both the poem and the photo. Hope you're feeling better!
Stephanie said…
Your words weave such vivid stories.

and...fields of daffidils, how marvelous!
Poignant... that field of daffodils is amazing... glad you added some humor in your first 'what if' statement.
Laura said…
so tender meri...beautiful.
Anonymous said…
Very nice. Tugs at the heart, but a touch of humor tossed in. What if's always come after it's too late. So sad that's what it takes to ask the question.
Sandy K. said…
I went from laughing to deep thought - which is what a writer should want! Well done, Meri. Love the visual images (and the real one:)).
deb did it said…
WOW! powerful stuff here!
Kim Mailhot said…
Love this post, this poem, this poet.
You are awesome, Meri.
Light and love !
Your posts are leading me through such a maze of emotions.

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