Reach Out

Only with the heart

"Half-Buried Heart" copyright 2010 Meri Arnett-Kremian. All rights reserved.
 can you touch the sky.

- Jamal al-Din Rumi

Reach. From your center.
From your half-buried heart.
Listen to the voice you so often ignore,
the one that bids you stretch and grow.
The whisper that commands you to let your soul 
shine more brightly than the brightest star.
Take a chance. Against all odds,
without regard to the wounds of the past,
laughing in the face of fear,
reach out with trembling hands
to touch the face of love.

"Encircled Heart" copyright 2010 Meri Arnett-Kremian. All rights reserved.


What a lovely image and sentiment.
Sarah Laurence said…
Is that heart traced in the sand? It is a lovely accompaniment to Rumi's words. I'm reading a delightful YA novel that is full of Rumi quotes: The Indigo Notebook by Laura Resau. It's so nice to connect with you through Bonnie but I see we also have Bee and a hazy moon in common.
A beautiful pairing Meri.
steven said…
beautiful meri!!! steven
Meri said…
Sarah: Sorry - I couldn't find an email for you and didn't want to clog your blog with my response. So no, it's actually a perfect heart-shaped rock, partially buried in the sand. There was a little water channel surrounding it, which accounts for the dark outline. I was simply amazed at its symmetry. I took the photo and used a filter that simulates a cyanotype process from the 1860s.
Naquillity said…
such a beautiful post. it definitely has some good advice. hope all is well.
sperlygirl said…
simply beautiful
ELK said…
thank you for reaching out with this exquisite piece..that rock is so random

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