Off to Play Tourist

. . . and see a sweet young thing
marry her handsome prince.

I'm going to play tourist
in my adolescent and young adult hometown,
scenic Seattle.

And no, the bride in the mosaic
isn't Miss Jessica.
It's still a little cool for an outdoor wedding.

p.s. And happy anniversary tomorrow
to Brendan (my oldest son) and Katie
(my adorable daughter-in-law).


Numinosity said…
Have fun in Seattle. Have some oysters and a Lemon Drop for me at Eliott's (if you're into those kind of things) or a crumpet up the street!
I'll be flying thru Seattle soon heading north myself.
Anonymous said…
enjoy being a tourist. always fun.
Unknown said…
Wonderful touristy photos..... I am guessing this isn't your first attempt at being a tourist. :o)

Have a wonderful weekend.
Numinosity said…
I don't know if you've been following Candace the doll's trip on my blog but she happens to be in Seattle right now.

Elisabeth said…
Local travel s still possible than goodness. Enjoy your holiday and your anniversaries.
rebecca said…
may your heart be filled unexpectedly.

(my fortunate cookie for you!)
steven said…
meri! have a great time in seattle. show us what it looks like!!! tell us what it feels like. steven
Just Me Again said…
Oh, how fun! :)

I love your blog entries and your shrine!
beth said…
how fun....we're going to be in seattle in august and now i know who to ask "what should we do"
podso said…
I love this mosaic, and all it's color, and your list, in post above it, is just beautiful, along with it's mosaic! You are so creative! Thanks for visiting my blog again!

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