Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Yesterday's Outing

My life has seemed a little constricted
the past few days,
so I decided it was time for an outing.

The Grand Cinema has a film series every Tuesday,
featuring films that probably wouldn't draw 
a large enough audience for a week-long run,
but that have artistic merit.
This week's offering was The King's Choice.

Norway's King Haakon VII
was faced with a choice when the Germans invaded
Norway in 1940 -- he could make a unilateral decision
to accede to Germany's demands that the Norwegians not resist
their occupation (likely saving thousands of lives)
and accept a puppet government that had ousted 
the duly elected one
or he could honor the country's constitution
by refusing to negotiate, saying only the Norwegian people 
could make such an important decision.

An interesting film covering historical events
about which I knew little.

After that viewing,
I took a little detour before going home
(and picking up some soup on the way).

Can you guess where I went?

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