Sunday, December 3, 2017

Twelve Days of Mary: December 3

Somehow time has stretched and bent
and I'm two days behind.

I intended to join the celebration of Mary
and honoring of my friend Fran Pullara
on December 1, 
but let's just say 
I'm happy to be here now
and I'll correct my error
by sharing three images today.

Fran loved Mary and the Divine Feminine
she represents.

So in honor of Fran,
I have gone through Fran's Polyvore catalog
to harvest images of virgins
to share with you here. 
PV is something Fran and I shared.
She loved my layered images
 and asked how I'd done them,
so I created a written tutorial for her
and she took off from there.

Fran can't be with us in body,
but her images live on.

Mary, Our Lady of Blue ©Fran Pullara 2017

Borrowing Botticelli's Mary ©Fran Pullara 2017

Our Lady of the Cosmos ©Fran Pullara 2017


rebecca said...

dearest meri,
thank you for arriving with your generous honoring of our beloved fran. i spent a long morning pouring over page after page of her blog. it touched me to review her entries for the twelve days of mary love-she participated each and every year! i also treasure her thoughtful comments left on all our posts-she gave so generously of herself and we have all been gifted by her presence.
i love that you wrote a tutorial for her-another vivid example of the deep friendships and bonds that have grown through blogging. thank you meri for your friendship and beautiful heart. xo

gma said...

These are such beautiful images. She taught me about Polyvore also. To honor Fran I think I shall try my hand at it for tomorrow's post. Love your thoughts and words dear Meri

Annie Jeffries said...

Fran honored Mary.
She honored us with her creations.
Now you honor her.
The circle is complete.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Thank you for sharing these precious images created by Fran. What stunning reminders that we are not alone.

CreateSoulLife said...

Hi to each of you, I have followed your Twelve Days of Mary for a few years. I learned of it through Fran. I’m behind this year and so am just catching up. I gather Fran has made her transition. I want to say that she enriched me through her blog and her love of SoulCollage and of course, her love of Mary. She was always so kind and supportive of me.