Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Twelve Days of Mary: December 12

I'm closing out my Twelve Days of Mary Love
with another tribute to Fran Pullara.

This is her collage called
"Our Lady of Christmas."

Fran was a deeply spiritual person.
While I never met her in person,
others who knew her have commented
on her spirituality 
and her kindness.

She had an affinity for images
and metaphor and the power of language,
making her a perfect SoulCollage® facilitator.
She loved making collages on Polyvore.com --
her screen name was Redondowriter,
if you're curious --
and images of the Divine Feminine
regularly anchored her work.

She loved Twelve Days of Mary Love
and her absence is felt 
here in this online community.

Thank you, Fran
for being you.


Lea said...

I am so grateful to you Meri for your words and the sharing of Fran's art and her devotion to the power of images that resonated through every part of her life. So many years of her beauty... they will leave a lasting impression on my heart, as do you. Thank you for these twelve days and so much more.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Through your efforts, Meri, Fran has accompanied us on this 12-day journey. Thank you.

gma said...

Thank you Meri for your thoughtfulness and sharing Fran's lovely images. It has been a blessing for us all.

rebecca said...

dearest meri,
how i love that you showed up with fran in your heart and offerings in our twelve days of mary. fran embraced these twelve days with all her beautiful heart and never missed a year. through you she has been with us all and i thank you dearly for the blessing of you and fran and everyone who has joined in. xo