Monday, December 4, 2017

Twelve Days of Mary: December 4

Mother Mary Come to Me ©2017 Fran Pullara

When I think of Fran,
I think of kindness.

She was a sweet soul
(with a side of sass)
who loved being present for others.

She was also a creative being
and encouraged others to express
that longing in their heart.

Gone, but not forgotten.


Magical Mystical Teacher said...

I imagine Mary is probably a little like Fran: a sweet soul with a side of sass!

gma said...

Beautiful image. Lovely words about Fran. She was a wonderful inspiration and artist. Missing her this season.

rebecca said...

this is so perfect meri; i love your every word. i like to think of fran being more present for all of us then ever and i love that we are all keeping her alive in our heart of hearts.

J C said...

This is lovely Meri. And Fran was so very special!

Annie Jeffries said...

We are, indeed, all in pieces. Blessed Mother always knows how to show us the way to healing.

Unknown said...

hi Meri, wonderful to see you at the blog...thought I was going to let it go but decided to try the free version for a bit. Will follow the comments to 12 days of Mary :)

Lea said...

Beautiful Meri... I can see Fran smiling and can imagine her comments... love this piece to all the broken people...