Share the Joy Thursday: Camera Fiend

If you haven't figured it out already,
I'm a camera nut.

I love taking photos when I'm out and about,

playing with software like CameraBag
(to make a perfectly wonderful image
look totally weird and artificial sometimes)

and using image software like Photoshop
to make artful images with multiple layers
like this one with macro shots of art glass
and reflections off water and 
perhaps another layer of something or other. . . 

Ribbon of Time © 2010 Meri Arnett-Kremian

Camera play makes me happy and joyful.

So what gives you joy?
This is the place to show and tell.

To play along:

1. do a post that tells and shows us what gives you joy.

2. capture the URL of the specific post and paste it into the
Mr. Linky box along with your name.

3. visit other players -- as many as possible -- and let their joy infect you.  Leave them a comment about their post.
Let's start an epidemic of joy!


rebecca said…
love so much the self portrait. beautiful, as are you my friend, as are you!
sending you jOy!
Eryl said…
What a wonderful meme, how could I resist? Beautiful photos, as always.
beth said…
i'm glad i make you smile and laugh.....
and wow, you already linked me !

play away everyone.....make someone smile. make yourself smile :)
Miss Robyn said…
I received a new camera for Christmas and am still yet to tackle it.. and would love to learn how to use photoshop.. fantastic photos.. I can sure see why the camera can bring JOY :) xo
You keep getting better and better. Wasn't the last photo taken by Van Gogh? And I almost fell over with the gondola shot because I shot one almost identical at that same spot several years ago.
Unknown said…
As always your posts bring me a healthy dose of JOY! on my Thursday travels. Thank you for hosting Share the JOY Thursday and encouraging people to spread the happiness.
deb did it said…
Your camera obsession makes me HAPPY!
Come jump with JOY over at my place!!( my word verification is HALLYBU...I like that!)
Unknown said…
I love what you did with these especially the Gondolas. My love is the same as yours photography, I never leave home without my camera and it gives me so much pleasure.
Carmen said…
your pictures are gorgeous!
tell me about your camera please, please please!!!
is that a cannon or nikon?
Carmen said…
your pictures are gorgeous!
tell me about your camera please, please please!!!
is that a cannon or nikon?
Kim Mailhot said…
Your photos and photo play bring me joy too, Meri ! Beautiful stuff !
Happy Thursday !
turquoise cro said…
Wonderful photos!!!I was just capturing some cardinals! When I get my new pc I want to do photoshop!! CLICK ON!!!!Sending JOY to YOU!
~JarieLyn~ said…
Your photos are fabulous. I really like all the edits you did. Your posts always make me feel joy. You are so creative and expressive. I don't have anything prepared otherwise I would join the meme today. My camera gives me joy too.
gma said…
Sharing your joy in the beauty your camera reflects.
julochka said…
i'm really glad to be part of this!! i only just saw that mr. linky thing recently on another's fun!

and taking a moment to capture joy is a good thing.


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