Saturday, January 22, 2011

Taking Pictures of People

I'm off on a jaunt today
to take pictures of beautiful people
with skin tones not as white as mine,
can show its commitment to diversity.

And since I'm putting others on the spot,
capturing them in all their glory,
(and we all know how much we hate seeing
photos of ourselves unless they match our
image of ourselves)
I figured I should post a self-portrait.

Yup. That's me.
I'm the one in the coat,
not the one looking flirty in a swimsuit.

You'd never recover if you viewed
a picture of me in a swimsuit.


Jinksy said...

I'm intrigued by a photo in a mirror, but no flash light in the glass. and no tripod... Hoe did you do it?!

beth said...

your hair is so long....i'm so jealous !
and i think you look beautiful !
{deb told me you were and i trust her}

Kim Mailhot said...

Enjoy the people play !
Love the self-portrait in the mirror - nice coat by the way !

ellen abbott said...

I've tried self portraits but am never happy with them.

Kathryn Magendie said...

I love that face -- your face I guess I should say -- it's a good face, an interesting face, a sincere face - a strong face - someone I'd like to have coffee with face!

Carmen said...

hello gorgeous talented friend of many and mine too
yes yes yes!!!!

deb did it said...

Hola mi Amiga...mi are so fun and fabulous! Keep clicking away!

Eryl said...

Is this in your house? I love that little table the mirror is on.

Hope the shoot went well. Now I'm going to check out your link.

Miss Robyn said...

why is it that we have images of ourselves that don't match reality? I know that i am absolutely shocked each time I see a photo of myself.. is that me? and I will not share them unless they have been censored somewhat.. *sigh* gotta learn to love myself !!

BHsiaLei (Chalet) said...

I love your humor!