Not Taking Flight

I wish I could say that today
I am taking flight

but I feel a little bit plodding
and uninspired.

This week has been one
of more-than-average frustration
and miscommunication. 

Things seem to be taking longer
than I expect.

The urge to create is quiescent.

A period of germination, I guess.

Anyone else in the doldrums?


ellen abbott said…
no, not me, thank goodness. sorry to hear you are though. Last summer I came out of an uninspired period that lasted about two years. I am so happy to be excited about doing the cast glass again.
Oh that "usual" holiday let-down...go to the spa, go to a bookstore, visit the Volunteer Park Conservatory, walk on the beach, even in the rain. Hope you feel better...
Kim Mailhot said…
Heh, you might not believe that the girl who won the title of Squeen for the Day today is feeling funky, but I am. This time of the year is not my best and I struggle with it quite a bit. I turn to the tools that help - art, friends, walks, silliness and take it moment by moment, waiting for the realy fog to lift.
I hope yours does too and that good tools come to you ...
Hugs, Foggy One !
foxysue said…
So it would seem my dear! I have tried to cheer myself up!

Sue x
beth said…
oh's a hug for those doldrums. this year i haven't had any so far, but check back with me in february....i bet a few days in that month will rock an unfair way.
Unknown said…
sometimes it hits at the strangest times; might be post holiday except that we did not have that big of a holiday to feel let down from. Here I think it comes from too much winter, not enough outside time even when the sun shines; we are supposed to head to warmer climate, but the roads around are not welcoming to the motor home and so we wait, and I feel the unease too. So instead of writing, read. It works for me.
Stephanie said…
yeah too. I 'slightly' wrecked my car TWO times on New years eve day and was in a real funk. Figured it wasn't a good idea to go out NY night so we sat in...safely :)

Feeling better now...hope you are too.
Relyn Lawson said…
Your photography continues to stun me each time I visit.

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