The Mists of Ireland

This morning, I loved Noelle's post
about the dreamy, spiritual quality of mist 
and her quotes from Celtic spirituality writer
and philosopher Frank MacEowen. 

And that got me thinking about my trip 
not so long ago to Ireland with a group 
put together by my friend Judith
to tour megalithic spiritual sites, 
learn Irish myths and the tradition of storytelling, 
and tap your heels to Irish music in pubs.

Judith leads Celtic Spirituality tours every year.
I put together a video (I'm posting it below )
that she's using on her announcement
about this year's trip.

Her tours are low key, 
with time for meditation and reflection,
but fun group activities as well,
so if you're called to Ireland,
please see what Judith is offering.

I can attest that unexpected things can happen --
I saw auras for the first time at Carrowkeel. . . 
felt energy so strong at Loughcrew that I nearly 
lost consciousness . . . .
saw fairy lights outside Sligo 
(and knew what to call them,
even though I'd never heard the term before) 

and managed to hold it together in a dank,
dark cave that you eased your way into through
a small opening in the earth, scooching your way
down, down, down on your back until it began
to open up. . . and then, in that blackness,
a self-proclaimed Irish witch 
(who we were forced to have accompany us
into the cave) went renegade and started channeling.

Don't worry -- the witch is no longer on the agenda
and you don't have to do anything 
that makes you uncomfortable. 
I'm pretty sure I wouldn't do the cave thing again. 
Didn't like the energy. . .  with or without 


rebecca said…
i love your wealth of experience....for you take us by storm to the enchantment of mists, discovery and charm.
you are a tapestry of beauty and light and always so willing to share.

ah the color in you photos....gorgeous and what a contrast to the white world mother nature has been painting here on the north coast.

whoops your photos.... haste makes waste and poor grammar!

Stephanie said…
your photos are a spiritual journey in themselves!

HeartFire said…
Meri, such color filled scenes! Such a balm for snowy gray days here... I especially love the second one - would love to beam myself over there right now!
That was the most delightful photographic film of Ireland I have seen in some time. I loved the music and the photos showed some sights that were familiar to me and some that I would love to see. So charming and lovely. Thank you!
Bohemian said…
LMAO... the visual of you all with the renegade Celtic Witch in a pitch black cave, hilarious, though I'm sure it wasn't ha-ha funny perhaps at the time *winks*... Lord have Mercy, now my sides hurt, thanks for making my day, laughter is like a good medicine!!! Beautiful photos, my Mom is Welsh and I was actually born in Wales when my American Dad was stationed there... the Celtic Lands are so rich in culture, history and beauty.

Dawn... The Bohemian

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