Haiku My Heart: Paintbrush

the sun dips its brush
first in the sky, then water
and paints love around

p.s. Please forgive me, fellow Haiku creators. . .
I am off for the weekend and am not taking e-devices.
I will soak in your genius when I'm back.
In the meantime, the 20 somethings are
holding down the fort and (I hope)
remembering to feed the felines
Deja Mew and Purrsnickety.


Spadoman said…
Okay, read mine first when you return, after you feed the cats.
This is, without a doubt, a beautiful photgraph, and your haiku matches impeccably. Just beautiful.

tami said…
simply beautiful! hope your weekend is WONDERFUL.
Anonymous said…
i love that haiku. enjoy your time away.
rebecca said…
holy fire!
your beauty fills me...

enjoy you peace filled time away.
we will be here when you return.
as will your cats, who will only have eyes you you.
Stunning image Meri. It is a breath of true spirit, just lovely. Gorgeous haiku. Have a great trip. Your cats will be fine.
ms pie said…
the movement of water captures the spirit so strongly....
foxysue said…
I hope the sun paints a beautiful picture for you on your travels.

Sue x
Boonie S said…
This is a beautiful post. Thanks for sharing it.
I hope your weekend went well.

All the best, Boonie
Nanka said…
You are going on your vacation leaving behind a fantastic Haiku for us to mull over. Great image to go with it too!!

Have a great time!!
Ramesh Sood said…
Have a lovely time.. and enjoy more painting by Sun during off days.. very good haiku, this!
~JarieLyn~ said…
What a wonderful image your words have painted.

Love the names of your cats.
Rena said…
beautiful. that picture is gorgeous and the words that go with it perfect.

I haven't had time to write haikus lately, thanks to grad school. But I'm enjoying reading what others have written
Yolanda said…
This is really good. I used to love to write them. Hope you are having a lovely week.

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