Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Lady and Her Music

Lena Horne,
musical legend and epitome of glamour,
died in New York Sunday at age 92.

I was blessed to be able to see her perform
her one-woman show
The Lady and Her Music
at the Morris Mechanic Theater
in April 1984.

Photo by Martha Swopes 1984 for Baltimore Sun

She'd had a spectacular run on Broadway
and received a Tony Award
for the autobiographical show
that yielded a Grammy-winning 
soundtrack album.

Photo © AP - from L.A. Times photogallery.

It was a dress-up occasion for my darling hubby
and me and his best friend Philip and 
Phil's date du jour,
most likely the on-again-off-again Dayna,
who may or may not have been his wife
at that point.

No matter. . . 
Lena was the star of the evening.

Did I mention that one of the things
my ex, father of my gorgeous sons,
 did well
was fabulous outings where he looked
every bit as if he'd stepped out of the pages
of G.Q.?

And he loved the old musical standards,
the smoky torch songs,
so he jumped at the chance for us all to
experience the great Lena Horne
from seats right at the front
where we could see her skin
shimmering with dewy perspiration
and see the light in her fiery eyes.

She was 65 then,
still supple, sultry, and sexy.

Ladies, we should all be so glamorous
when we're eligible for Medicare.

Photo © AP - from L.A. Times photogallery.

Thanks, Lena 
for one of the best concerts
of my life.

For coverage of Lena's life, click here.

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Bee said...

I hadn't realized that she died . . . our news is absolutely swamped by the recent election and the hung Parliament . . . but you have sent Lena Horne off with a fine tribute.

My teenaged daughter recently discovered Ella Fitzgerald. It's always wonderful when a new generation falls in love with those great, ageless songs.