Friday, May 7, 2010

Creative Energy

I don't know why. Perhaps it's a function of springtime, 
when new life blooms and pushes through
 all around us. 

Maybe it's my upcoming adventure
 in Italy that has my creative juices
 running like a river.

Whatever it is, I can hardly keep up
 with the flow of ideas and opportunities.  

Is this a fertile time for you, too?

What new growth is emerging
from your creative abundance?


Vicky said...

I also get this feeling of renewal in spring with the sunshine and warm weather it always gives me a boost. But its slowly draining away as we have existed under a shroud of rain, cold and wind for two weeks now. Hoping to get it back soon!

Enjoy your creative energy! I am confident mine will return soon.

NuminosityBeads said...

Yes, Definitely! I just returned to the land of the midnight sun so 20 hours of light affects me quite positively although dinner doesn't get served until 9:00 PM sometimes now. Now it's a question which direction to direct the creativity- jewelry or altered art or a combo. Lot's more selling opportunities in the summer as well soI have a little kick in the pants to produce now too.

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Hi Meri - how wonderful to take all this creative energy and passion with you to Venice! Love both photographs!

I practically live in my right brain, so creative energy is pretty much always available. It's the physical energy to accomplish it all that I find missing at times.

kendalee said...

What a lovely space to be in and how exciting to be looking forward to a trip to Italy. Such a creative place. I do find that the creative juices begin to flow when Spring arrives and although this year they've been lagging a bit, I feel that sap now rising - yay! I'm unpacking my new home and it's feeling like quite a creative exercise rather than just a chore, which is lovely.