Thursday, May 27, 2010

I Keep Talking about Change and New Beginnings

All this re-thinking and reorganization
in my dwelling place is making me
long for a housecleaning in my blogspace, too.

So today, you're seeing a new look.
And a shift in direction.

No more meme-play here.
My Sepia Saturdays and Mosaic Mondays
are moving to a new home.

You'll find them HERE
or by clicking the link on my sidebar.

It's a little like having your youngest child
 go off to college. It's quiet, but wow!
You can simplify. 
Cook only when you have to.
 Eat raspberries and French vanilla yogurt for
breakfast and dinner. 
Stop nagging about college essays and curfews. 
Watch independent films instead of blockbusters.
Make some art.
Take daily photo safaris. 

So you'll find more of me
occupying this space.

photos (of course)
and sometimes

And I'll be taking you along
in spirit, at least,
when I head for Rome and Venice.


beth said...

change is good....organizing is good....clearing out is good.....your upcoming trip is AMAZING !

Eryl Shields said...

I love clearing out and organizing, and, for that matter, French vanilla yogurt. Very much looking forward to the photographs you post from your trip, I'm holidaying vicariously this year.

Naquillity said...

well personally, i love the new look and will look forward to what's to come forth. wonderful trips you have planned. good luck with all. have a great day.

Meri said...

Eryl and Naquillity - sorry I can't answer you personally since I don't have email addresses. I'll be sure to post some interesting pictures, especially after my photography workshop in Venice.

~JarieLyn~ said...

I really love the new look of your blog and I look forward to reading all of the content you post here.

I need to re-organize too. I'm bored with my blog. I think I need a new look and a new direction too.

Regarding your comment on my blog about the tunnel: I'm not sure if there is another way to get around the tunnel. If there is, it's probably miles and miles away.

steven said...

very cool meri. it's good to respect change. i found separating elements of what was showing up on my blog into other blogs was really good - for me and maybe even for my readers. french vanilla yogurt is so damn good with anything!!! steven

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

Great new look Meri - and I look forward to finding more of you here - and especially the silliness!!!

kt said...

I think this new dircetion is great! I look forward to checking both places out.
p.s. thanks to you I finally got my blog link figured out!!

Martin H. said...

I like the 'look', but even more, I always like the idea of keeping things simple and uncluttered.

Earlier this week, Delwyn, at 'Hazy Moon' talked of keeping it simple, in her post, 'The less you have...'. There's a fundamental truth in that.

Relyn said...

Looks like my responding email is too late. Well, I'll still send it. For now, I'll say hello, my friend.

My in-laws are here for a visit. They arrived as soon as the school year ended. So, I haven't really rested or settled yet. I'll email soon. Take care.

deb did it said...

LOVE IT! Fresh and bright!! And new beginnings are so exciting! HAVE FUN!!

rebecca said...

dear one,

i LOVE your leap of faith!!!
i love knowing you are freeing yourself up to follow your heart.
i am with you, singing.


Carmen said...

i've been thinking about this too
have a wonderful trip, yes!!!!