Friday, March 12, 2010

The Sweet Territory of Silence

In the sweet territory of silence we touch the mystery.
It's the place of reflection and contemplation,
and it's the place where we can connect
with the deep knowing, with the deep wisdom way.

- Angeles Arrien

I suspect that I'm creating random noise and distractions
to keep me from exploring the place of silence.
We all have deep wisdom and knowing available to us, 
but sometimes it's a little scary to consider how powerful
we really might be, if only we step up to our potential,
if only we stop "dumbing ourselves down."

How do you create the sweet territory of silence
in your busy, hectic lives?
How are you claiming what you know
in your deepest wisdom place,
that place of love and compassion
from which right action springs?


Vicky said...

Such a great reminder... not so sure I am at all. Part of that will be restored when the warm weather returns... I find it easier outside. But the trick is finding it both inside where I live and inside of me :) Thanks for the gentle nudge!

Ola said...

I have just blogged about my lack of creative energy right now, with being so busy at the moment. I think the thing for me is to simplify my life, although I am finding it hard to get that much time for me with 2 small children at my feet :).

Btw, you really inspired me to tap into my creativity when you told me that I must be creative, since I come from the creator. That has really stuck with me and I now tell people the same thing when they tell me that they are not creative.

Thank you.

I hope you find some stillness.

Elisabeth said...

I'm not good at silence, I'm afraid, Meri.

I can only remember those awful retreats we went on as a school girl, when we had to pray all day to the saints and not speak to one another even at lunch time. I hated it. We all did.

I recognise you're talking of a different sort of silence here, though Meri, and it is well worth cultivating. Thanks.