Thursday, March 11, 2010

Knowing Where I'm Going

I may not know where I'm going right now
and trying to plot a path
 by thinking - thinking - thinking
doesn't seem to be getting me anywhere but crazy.
Wherever I'm heading
I know I'll have my camera in hand.

That's one thing I can be certain about.
The viewfinder helps me focus on things
that I might not notice if I weren't looking
at possibilities with an artist's eye.
The process of capturing the vibrancy
 and beauty of this living,
breathing Mother we call Earth
(and those that call her Home)
 an image at a time gives me joy.
And I'm certain that joy
is a road-marker guiding me along my path.

What certainties help anchor you
to your life and keep you moving 
along your path?


Vicky said...

I came over from Beth's to say hello! I think what you are saying about using the camera to help us "focus" and see things in a new light is so spot on. So powerful and joyful at the same time!

I too am working intention into my day and I find that anchoring me currently, as well as my kiddos :)

Elena said...

Great post~so far also loving the journey of self-discovery. Some days more than others~

lakeviewer said...

"The viewfinder helps me focus on things that I might not notice...and possibilities..."

That's the crux: focus on the possibilities!

They are right in front of us.

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

the present moment
openness and acceptance

Bee said...

I would have said friends and family, but they are not always reliable . . . as you well know.

My love for the written word. Growing things.
The knowledge that things always change . . . which is comforting when a person is stuck/unhappy/in a rut.

Elisabeth said...

Gorgeous photo of you, camera in hand, a half self-portrait. Wonderful.

nina said...


Delwyn said...

That's right Meri
I believe that the things that bring us joy are sign posts along this way that we would dearly love to know in detail but really only ever becomes clear in retrospect.
follow the sign posts and you can't go wrong...

Happy days

Colette said...

Hi Meri. I think this is your prettiest self portrait I've seen. I can feel it. I joined in Nina's sp challenge too! It's been a while.

stregata said...


sandra said...

nice picture..beautiful hair. thanks for sharing

Meri said...

I think I replied to most of you personally, but just wanted to say "Thanks, Sandra" for her comment about beautiful hair. I was thinking it looked kind of messy, but you've changed my perspective.

rebecca said...

i love this photograph of you.
dreamy. present. ready. beautiful.
did i mention d r e a m y???